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Living every day to follow Jesus Christ and be a blessing to the community.


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     Pastor Cliff Acklam


     Wendy Michaels

Music Director:

    Joseph Bertolozzi


    Gary Wyman






Call us at the church office and we will get back to  you!



How to get to us physically and virtually

Our church facility is located in downtown Middletown on the corner of North Street and Orchard Street.


You will know us by our yellow doors. We are across the intersection from the Thrall Library and we are next door to the Orange County Trust.


There is a little bit of parking on Orchard Street and there is more parking behind the church on Robert Street, which you can only get to by turning off of North Street.


You found our website. Kudos!

You can follow us on Facebook, just search United Presbyterian Church Middletown.

You can even follow our thrift shop on Facebook.